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The Minister's Daughter Is In Love With The Snake.

Currently working towards achieving my life ambition of being Indiana Jones.

I don’t think we talk enough about how Hemingway was dismissed as a crazy paranoid old man for believing that the FBI were spying on him which more than likely contributed to his suicide and then years later a freedom of information request revealed that he’d been right and reports were being filed right up until January 1961

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Bull Gores Toronto Writer In Annual Pamplona Festival

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Re: English Project Selling Lit To Year 11s/Silly Little Doodles/Can’t Take It Seriously

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Have you ever shot a charging lion? Would you like to know how that feels?
Pick-Up Lines a la Hemingway, Midnight in Paris
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Ok, um, I just went to look in the bullfight/ing tags because I’m reading Death in the Afternoon, and, quite frankly, am in love.

And they’re both just full of uptight vegans and vegetarian all STOP THIS CRUEL SPORT and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry because omg seriously?

I’m not even going to explain why you’re wrong on so many levels, because I can’t even come close to Hemingway.

You guys need to go read Death in the Afternoon though, because he will kick yo sorry asses to the sand.


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